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  1. Free > https://mega.nz/file/3mpAVKBT#1HKM2pPPkOrSBo78rCg-hFA7_qMZizCr3mMtmL_f0mE
  2. Deep

    Dev for Stump

    Hi, i need someone who works with emulador 2.x Stump for make some services to me. My Discord: Deep#2830
  3. Hi, i dont speak french but i want to have one Uplauncher for my server. If you have one to sell, contact me on Discord: Deep#2830
  4. Deep

    [ACHAT] Emu 1.29

    Skype: deep.dps Discord: Deep#2830
  5. Bonjour. Je vends un émulateur que j'ai mis à jour depuis longtemps. Based on Bustemu 5.9 - BATTLES EMULATOR. Emulateur utilisé sur mon ancien serveur brésilien. Il est actuellement utilisé sur Asgard. Emulator développé pour une version Ankalike, mais supporte également la version héroïque, pvp, fun ... Vous pouvez vérifier l'émulateur sur le serveur Asgard or contactez-moi, je vous montrerai via skype. Skype: deep.dps
  6. Deep

    Karlayon 1.29

    Bonjour tout le monde. Présentez-vous le serveur Karlayon. MODE: Ankalike LEVEL DEPART: 1 KAMAS DEPART: 0 RATES: XP: 2 KAMAS: 4 DROP: 4 METIER: 2 HONOR: 2 Langues disponibles: FR, ES, PT. Je crois que de la communauté actuelle de Dofus 1.29, nous sommes le serveur avec le plus grand débogage. Si vous avez un intérêt, on se voit là-bas! Link: www.karlayonsv.com
  7. Congratulations on the project. Very good
  8. Deep


    In 2013 a friend bought his emulator for me, months later the friend canceled the purchase. Because of this I have never used the emulator. I also never shared anything he sent me. He says he does not recommend me but keeps sending me a message on skype calling me to work with him. It was just the jar and bbd, for 50 Eur. Who fucked he it was who bought the source and shared it.
  9. @delete
  10. Deep


    Bro, i not am fluent in English. After i have the permission to create a post i go create post with details of emulator, screens, etc... Here is only one area to ask permission. And i do not need to lie, my emulator is the best.
  11. Deep


    I not understand what you meant.
  12. Deep


    Good Morning. I am Deep, member of the community since 2013. I am graduated in Systems of Information and i am Brazilian. I want to make a sale of my emulator in the serious sales section. It is a work of years and I can say that my emulator is very better anything other presented. Literally the best emulator of the current 1.29 emulation. I would like permission for me to create the topic for sale. Thanks.
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