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  1. Update Changelog: Suppresion code inutiles in fight.java Optimization/fix GE panel 100% et suppresion 1 code inutile fix bombons 100% optimized some variables with final some while are converted to for (more performance) some strings are converted to stringbuilders (more performance ^.^) fix sphère xelor fix onfighterdie code now work 100% ....
  2. q no hay lagg? jaja eso dices para que busta quede bien claro que sí campeón... su emu usa más ram que ancestra..
  3. Version de l'émulateur: 0.2.7 Changelog de cette version: My changelog Emu test on single core cpu 1,6ghz with 30 mb ram DOWNLOAD EMU https://www.mediafir...a27up8d3a7rfz9g
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