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  1. Lorsque je crée un compte et assigne un groupe, lors de la tentative de connexion, il me dit qu'il n'y a pas de groupe. mais quand je regarde dans la base de données, je peux voir les groupes. J'ai essayé avec d'autres groupes mais ça ne marche pas ?????
  2. Well i got a free hosting for my CMS, and i uploaded all the files: My VPS ip its: And my database on Navicat its: Im using EasyPHP to run the emulator: So.... i edited my CMS' config to connect to my databases: Aaaaand.... when i run my web: So....the obvious question its: what am i doing wrong? Thanks xD
  3. Mm www its with Wamp right? But im using easyphpserver 14.1 to run the emulator. Do you know how to do It with easyphpserver?
  4. You may have had the same problem I had. In my case the Hamachi adapter was not installed. This happens with the latest version of Hamachi. Verify that you have the network adapter installed because otherwise, no matter the different settings you put in the auth and in the world, they will never connect to your Hamachi IP. The solution is to install a version of Hamachi older than the current one. Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network connection
  5. I've seen a lot of tutorials on how to create a CMS for Dofus 2.10. In all those tutorials all use WAMP or XAMPP and the CMS stays in localhost. I would like to know how to put my CMS online. I want someone to tell me step by step how to do it. I have what is the AreaCMS folder for Dofus 2.10 and I have modified the config to access my auth and world databases through the IP of my VPS. What I want now is to know how to put the CMS in a domain and make the web work well. Thank you.
  6. My question in simple. I translated some texts to English. Specifically i translated this command: But when i save the file and re-run the emulator: So, the question is: what am i doing wrong? is it necessary to compile the whole emulator to see the changes when translating commands? How can i compile the Stump? Thanks.
  7. Quelqu'un peut-il me dire quels fichiers je dois modifier pour traduire ces choses? Je veux savoir quel fichier texte exact des images ci-dessus sont. Et quel programme pour modifier les textes pour les traduire en anglais. Désolé pour le French'm en utilisant Google Translate.
  8. Bon après-midi à tous. Hier, je l'ai téléchargé l'émulateur Abboud. Cependant, certains objets ont aucune icône. Je voudrais que quelqu'un me dise comment ajouter l'icône. S'il vous plaît ne pas dire quelque chose comme: « Décompile et ajoute l'icône » Je ne l'ai jamais changé d'objets. Je suis un débutant, j'ai besoin des instructions plus précises; les programmes que je dois utiliser, et comment le faire. Merci. https://i.gyazo.com/6c4ce8a53b070f5be67ebd0b4e641f37.png
  9. I realised that there is not a single weapon at all. If you search in the item's table on the navicat, there is no weapons, and i tried to get for example otomai's sword, i used the command .item id_pj id_item and says: the item doesnt exists. ¿How can i insert the weapons?
  10. Hi guys when i tried to execute the emulator this happened. I just created the new database called "symbioz" like in the config file, and executed the SQL files. ¿Any ideas?
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