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  1. i try adapt in core xd. preview: https://imgur.com/a/nDJBj0v
  2. No more. srry for my french btw. Preview:https://imgur.com/yjAOjf7 Lien: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qz02y8kdd8hewtw/Login_Bandit_Final_fr.psd/file
  3. Core 2.48 pour core 1.29 preview: Lien: https://goo.gl/rZmKUs
  4. Login for core-----------------------------cont:PSD Login CorePSD Logo------------------------------sources logo: Logo Wakfu psd y Renders Wakfu google image preview:https://imgur.com/saQZrpT Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/h9ztu2p2zv9a9h3/Login_Core_by_Timby.rar/file
  5. It is a system for legendary and epic items for dungs, boutique , but no idea
  6. sorry for my english. image exemple; I can't do this in crisisEmu dont send error bt dont work, i have code from JivaEmu(StarLocos Alvis Versión) have core with this option , i test on jivaemu and system works only put in db 1 or 0 and item get color legendary or epic color. pls little help. tell me whats is error, im big noob, only need this option in my localhost test. code for Crisisemu:
  7. PACK Maxi's Elementales - Incluye: Maxi Fuego. Maxi Agua. Maxi Viento. Maxi Tierra. Utilidades: Mob's , Npc. Link: [glow=green,3,300][move]https://www.mediafire.com/file/bjiu83ayht0b11p/Maxis_2.0_By_Timby.rar/file[/move] Más Screens En el .Rar Maxi Aire Preview: Contraseña: Ninguna. Gracias Por Entrar al Post. Atte:Timby
  8. Un CMS, Byxx base, Edité par moi 100% PSD inclus. img: [spoiler]https://k61.kn3.net/taringa/E/3/C/0/D/B/DofusTimby/56F.png[/spoiler] lien: [spoiler]Click[/spoiler]
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