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  1. Commandes - CyonEmu

    But when I look for a command in i did not find it. ex. The command .shop is there in if I change it to .shopping the command on dofus stop to work. it does not work with .shop and does not work with .shopping. When I look for the command .shop in I did not find anything there with .shop
  2. Commandes - CyonEmu

    How can I change a command already created on server? Ex: .Start ( I wanna change this command to .Astrub ) (Only change the name for peoples writte it on chat..) Need I change it on source> GameThread only here or in some where else?
  3. Ancestra remake Anka'like[crisis-emu]

    how can I creat an account by navicat? always getting wrong, ''the accounts is incorrect'' but it was created on navicat! help me pls
  4. [Tuto]CrisisEmu

    I got a problem, I try to creat a new account by navicat or change one already created but it did not work... if I use one of these accounts already created I did not get to login!
  5. Dofus privado - PT_BR

    Do you speak english? cauz' I can help you out!
  6. Dofus privado - PT_BR

    Alguém afim de criar um servidor privado de dofus 1.29? Em breve estarei com dedicado e me bateu vontade de criar um servidor de dofus 1.29 porem precisarei de ajuda..
  7. [Session de recrutement Fluctus-Online]

    I do not want to charge for it!
  8. [Session de recrutement Fluctus-Online]

    Pay What? I just want to manage a server with someone from two languages.
  9. [Session de recrutement Fluctus-Online]

    Yeah! There are many players who loves to play dofus 1.29 servers, a lot of BR players like to play a good server..
  10. [Session de recrutement Fluctus-Online]

    Hi.. If you want we could translate your project to my language (PT) and let the BR players enter in the server
  11. Are there someone who want create a server same like original with low rates in two languages? I could Manager the process to players from my country and you from your.