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  1. Today I come to share a project worked with my team for a long time and today I want to share this version with you emulateur : https://mega.nz/#!3X5hBK7J!DGww7c1vDZJsGAIJMo1dN6JNL1AVpAcVhDJ3G5QSWoA client : https://mega.nz/#!jbpETI7a!jzqIz1X0Em_si8JJa1aLA_d-diuU4gd2OP3Ch9vFCRg
  2. I'm working on a similar project, talk to me discord xxxTentacion #9610
  3. install sql connector 6.10.8
  4. You can help me in that use, azure emulator 2.43
  5. You can not share it in SQL file and House.d2o
  6. I can help you fix it let me your discord we talk
  7. install my sql connector 6.10.6 or Install net framework 4.6
  8. I have a 2.43 emulator with element 2.45 costs around 80USD in cash
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