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  1. Biton

    BUY EMU 2.44+

    I buy 2.44+ emulator that is mostly that has little errors, more info. imbox I pay by wester union (if I do not follow the rules I'm sorry, I need the emulator as soon as possible DISCORD :xxxTentacion#9610
  2. Here I come to share the Koko Emulator 2.40, good profit has some bug things, but if you want to fix on the idols and among other things talk to the discord I can help you Emulator + editor : https://mega.nz/#!eDpnnRDC!kqfXlkW6_zSdF3xbyilSrPCMsLNJJuQeHbEl5Dzx5fA Client 2.40 : https://mega.nz/#!KDQz0QLa!faLeXG-09vEiC-c4PeCJHNjmUYlnnkd9DVMpjD2veT0 the customer is mostly not compatible with the databases and it modifies some things equally good and have a good day
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a 2.45 emulator that has at least good playability and part of the variant that is at least in good debugging, let's talk about the price for the discord [BITENTON]#4085 Thanks <3
  4. Biton

    ErrorVote CMS

    very good someone knows where the error comes from when I try to vote several times, it does not leave, it just leaves 1 time to vote
  5. I have the editor with the implementation of adding the titles, ornaments & emotes
  6. I'm Venezuelan, you have to understand me, after all it comes, so you should not complain
  7. I'm not saying it was so cheap but you should moderate the prices I still have the money in my PayPal that I had told you but I'm still thinking whether to buy or not
  8. If you sell them the cheapest modifications you would have more customer, think a little
  9. just download, very soon I'll be sharing the koko emulator Sources and Compiled: https://mega.nz/#!kAIEmQoZ!k-vnkd4Xm80vvzyM-HMF0NJbnhbancXYOGUTFN7Lvy0 Client: https://mega.nz/#!1ZACQYQS!N5cPWdvCStaf3hE_OTrsBcYLBM-L3ovhC1R-srznf9g Client Update: https://mega.nz/#!lMglGYzR!vgicRSXxvtZm94coBD-GgE13ghVESQ9RsRyU40c5Cew Launcher SRC: https://mega.nz/#!AEQ2nSYR!ZJTY-3lAhTcWHRgDV0nXc_YLFYJ7yOX7oOTf2fitfmk
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