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  1. Im doing a new emu 2.53. I'll pay. Discord: Shine#5730
  2. Hellow~ i'm developing a 2.53 version and I have a littel problem with info moobs. I can fights without problem, reco, drop, etc... But they dont show their info when hover over them. https://prnt.sc/sj3cm4 I cant solve this and i tried with all. Someone have some tips or can help me for solve it? Thanks Discord : Shine#5730
  3. Hello, I'm looking for developers for a new project semi-anka 2.51 multi (ES,FR,EN,BR). I need people who can help me with the development and be part of the project or I can pay for the patches made. I am doing this project for love of dofus and I am not looking to profit from all this. Founder of Inside, Shine. Thanks. Discord : Shine##5730
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