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  2. they are wrong, they are not the only hispanic programmers and there are even more, I invite them to our community and allan can say anything, I'm not interested
  3. Who is yonti ??
  4. CLAY

    Client DOFUS 2.47

    I have my own client 2.47 edited with 2.50 equipment: V
  5. the business <3
  6. no server is free of failure ... it is easy to fix the most visible errors just that I have not taken the time when you want I invite you to enter by hamachi network and try it
  7. I already have all the races in a 95% purified or even a 97% ... arrange almost all the spells of the variant of all races .... I only have a small error with the invocation of the roublard
  8. Hello very good after so much time working on a dofus project 2.47 today I put on sale the emulator and I could not open the server for certain family problems ... the emulator is based on opale 2.42 has 100% functional wrought iron 100% functional spell variant all trades 100% functional (panel of office this bug even so I could not take time to fix it) the modular Koliseo 1vs1 3vs3 without permission of the author add almost all the items of @Xentrix has all the items of version 2.50 all the functional dofus and others! the line of ogrines (points) was added to the emulator omega levels up to 1,400 all available dungeons (.mm) and even the teleportation system was added by just double clicking on the key of its origin all the DROP with their respective monsters. for more details ... I can show the project by hamachi and everything necessary! the price can be negotiable ... although not yet the exact price of sale for more inf. DISCORD:CLAY#0079
  9. CLAY


    let me your discord have if I can help you
  10. CLAY


    Could you see if the databases are well addressed?
  11. I'm interested in your service here I leave my discord CLAY#0079
  12. Hello World Today I want to start a project that has been working for a long time ... during this time a beta version will be released to correct mistakes and see what style of game will be (ankalike, semi or fun). because the emulator where it worked was in the opale version in which @nexeptions shared a long time ago I'm thinking of making a server for all languages (FR, EN, PT and ES) maybe something very similar to the official dofus... I already have the most part finished, if the emulator is already 90% finished as well as the variants are already functional DISCORD OF SERVER :