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  1. Invite me on discord Gimma#6099
  2. Your welcome! What did you do?
  3. Where you identified 2 clients requests in your code?
  4. This error occurred because the AuthConsole cannot access the database using user: root, password: **** and host: localhost. This is the problem. You're running your database on WAMPP, right? Can you access your database server using the same credentials in auth_config.xml in Navicat?
  5. Could you show us the function SayGuild and HandleChat on ChatManager.cs?
  6. Is your database working? If so, check if the password in auth_config.xml is the same as your mysql root user
  7. Probablement votre emu a un bug, je vous recommande de changer si vous n'êtes pas expérimenté avec dev
  8. Anyone help me to active Dev Console in Dofus 2.22? I tried change config.xml to: But, it crashes client... Pleeease!
  9. I'm trying to implement the quests system on stump 2.10, but when I create a NpcWithQuestInformations my client apparently takes a long time to process the NpcQuestFlag. My simple implementation for testing is: private GameContextActorInformations BuildGameContextActorInformations() { //return new GameRolePlayNpcInformations(this.Id, this.Look.GetEntityLook(), this.GetEntityDispositionInformations(), (short)this.Template.Id, this.Template.Gender != 0u, this.Template.SpecialArtworkId); IEnumerable<short> questsToValid = List<short> {0}; IEnumerable<short> questsToStart
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