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  1. Maybe is ur client /maps don t work or have differents ID maps that ur lang
  2. Warning @alan38 He can scam u
  3. you fill the forum by yourself ... what a mess, DB crazy ^^' has problems recognizing what race it is table error (58) constant_character, I think that is where the error comes from, Sometimes it is due to duplicate ID db / game (character), Try Cleaning the table
  4. The reason is simple, Ur problem It is because you misconfigured any of the '.xml' files or you are using your IP in the wrong field
  5. Hello, Run the regular forge consoles (Do not run as administrator if your firewall is not active), Check when executing the bases 'name.sql' It is not generating a number of errors (Just to verify that it is not trying to load content from empty tables), The first point I have told you has a lot to do, Check it Good Luck ^^ - CLAY
  6. Discordia ; CLAY # 9217
  7. Well, it really is simple, You misconfigured your (config.xml) auth / world, If you use an IP here and another other than that, it will cause this error. Do not panic. It really has nothing to do with Firewall! ^^
  8. Have some sreen for better understand the problem
  9. Salut, Vous devez vous assurer que votre DB_Name == name_db * 'worldconfig / authconfig.xml de votre émulateur Vous devez vous assurer que ce sont les mêmes, n'oubliez pas de supprimer les champs qui ne sont pas utilisés car cela semble une erreur lors de l'ouverture de votre base de données pour un mot de passe x ')
  10. Hello, They are all the same process, Maybe your progress was affected by the typical errors 'Sync DB, DB, Compilation' Some of these errors have been covered in topics already discussed before in DoE, I invite you to explore a little more of the forum maybe that It can work for you by clarifying your doubts.
  11. It would not take you long if it is just to have fun with some friends (with this you practice and know a little more about all this) Necessary Files; - WAMPSERVER CLICK HERE! or XAMPP Click Here! (It is better to personally xamp its modules are Individual) - Navicat (It really doesn't matter much about your version) - - Emulator (It is your decision which one you think is best and easy to manipulate x,)) Emu! Lang! Sources! - Java SDK Releases Click HERE! - Conection network online 24.7 or Logmein-Hamachi almost that last (this already depend
  12. RE-RE L'PATAGE, You are just copying and pasting the content of the new forum
  13. According to what I understood, this could be an error originated in your lang (Maybe some file is missing)
  14. poor alan (pain) you need help darling
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