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  1. Leonardonaruto

    Akatsuki - Skin

    put and share it...
  2. i look in any files and probality that this are fake ('isso é fakenews talkey?!?!') but in auth have a anti-ddos system
  3. read a bit https://github.com/Mixi59/Tryes/blob/f62a064738ac1aac7558005a35ad76dcb624d7b9/Tools/DBSynchroniser/Program.cs here: http://www.dofus.tools/myAvatar3/assets/data/Items.ma3
  4. i got with https://github.com/Mixi59/Tryes/blob/f62a064738ac1aac7558005a35ad76dcb624d7b9/Tools/DBSynchroniser/Program.cs using items.m3a but thanks
  5. Hi everyone, or rather saying 'bonjour', since version 2.38 (which I remember) the apparenceid is disappearing from the file Items.d2o but I was extracting the version 2.51 and there were only a few ... so I wanted to know if the file is only coming with the last update in the case (type 2.50 for 2.51, then only the new ones that have been added) or something else that I do not know. And I wanted to know if anyone has (the newer better) because I have version 2.42 and until I find everyone until version 2.51 it would take a lot.
  6. whats is "bypass limite level" ?
  7. Sjw, Feel free to help him then
  8. 1 sec.... you dont shared the emu and request help ?!?! Good luck
  9. Allandev said you are Bitenton, and Bitenton is Yonti (and Xxxtentacion).
  10. do not trust him, does not deliver what he promises! Asshole! https://imgur.com/a/ogMaxXq
  11. new link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JroCn5_GN7FE0TwDCXr87MAwx3uyBBeT/view?usp=sharing and I changed the file dofus.exe (to a dofus.exe 2.33) because it was giving adobe error (the old one is like OLD Dofus.exe)... I do not remember if the file invoker.swf is patched or not, and I also think I had made some modifications to other files, a long time ago, so I can not remember right
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