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  1. calm down, first of all, don't think that here you will get something that you will put your client to play online! I was seeing old official models to play dofus 2.0 online (per browser)... in this video it shows the last model that ankama used, i didn´t get many things from it, extract some parts of the site but nothing much. but in this second video (which must be from an older version), I managed to extract the site and a "Loader", which looking at decompiler is like "Invoker", well I couldn't emulate it or something, but I'll leave it here in case someone wants to take a look and see if they can extract something Well, maybe it's nothing, but it's always good to save these files, you never know what might happen... the first attached site is the latest version (nothing important here), but the second version (the oldest one) is the one with the loader files, if anyone wants to take a look I'll leave it attached! Site 1 : https://www.mediafire.com/file/fo9o0d9zw7jsko5/site1.rar/file Site2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/opurtzpp85xy4qk/site2.rar/file
  2. You have to have the emulator project, otherwise it's like a cake! You can't add an ingredient to the dough after you've baked it
  3. Leonardonaruto


    Do you sell the body too or is that only?
  4. terasoto para de postar essas coisas, ja é o terceiro post seu q vc bota arquivo privado pqp, ou vc compartilhar ou nao ._.
  5. read a bit https://github.com/Mixi59/Tryes/blob/f62a064738ac1aac7558005a35ad76dcb624d7b9/Tools/DBSynchroniser/Program.cs here: http://www.dofus.tools/myAvatar3/assets/data/Items.ma3
  6. i got with https://github.com/Mixi59/Tryes/blob/f62a064738ac1aac7558005a35ad76dcb624d7b9/Tools/DBSynchroniser/Program.cs using items.m3a but thanks
  7. Hi everyone, or rather saying 'bonjour', since version 2.38 (which I remember) the apparenceid is disappearing from the file Items.d2o but I was extracting the version 2.51 and there were only a few ... so I wanted to know if the file is only coming with the last update in the case (type 2.50 for 2.51, then only the new ones that have been added) or something else that I do not know. And I wanted to know if anyone has (the newer better) because I have version 2.42 and until I find everyone until version 2.51 it would take a lot.
  8. whats is "bypass limite level" ?
  9. 1 sec.... you dont shared the emu and request help ?!?! Good luck
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