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  1. wolf 2.47\Server\Stump.Server.WorldServer\Game\Actors\RolePlay\Characters\Character.cs Line 5222
  2. in table Announce (World Database> Announce)
  3. yow bro Gift System-Forje balanced

    its work for all V-Stump ?

  4. Added Fix to Web site (support to all versions of stump), in Site Fix!
  5. i will send a update to fix it, and add new alternatives about configs in 2.43/2.47+ relation`s
  6. when you do something better you can say something, instead, take your opinion and stick it up your ass
  7. the emulator contains some differential like: -Quest System -Follower (larva egg, etc) -Some IA Mob Debugged (Limbo, etc) -Anti IPSec Flow (stop attack with vpn and flood) -Dung Manager (Like teleport in genshin impact lol) -Some Spell and Variant Debugged -Guild Paddock Debugged (exception the roles for management) -Action for Change Map fix (a hack life that goes fix some maps bugged) -Support 4 language: pt,en,es and fr -Gift System-Forje balanced -Forje balanced -Fixed portal transitions (interactives) in the low graph -Capture Dragondinde(Dragonturkey), "Marmula
  8. calm down, first of all, don't think that here you will get something that you will put your client to play online! I was seeing old official models to play dofus 2.0 online (per browser)... in this video it shows the last model that ankama used, i didn´t get many things from it, extract some parts of the site but nothing much. but in this second video (which must be from an older version), I managed to extract the site and a "Loader", which looking at decompiler is like "Invoker", well I couldn't emulate it or something, but I'll leave it here in case someone wants to take
  9. You have to have the emulator project, otherwise it's like a cake! You can't add an ingredient to the dough after you've baked it
  10. Saiki


    Do you sell the body too or is that only?
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