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  1. I'm doing services (Dofus 1.29 and CMS in any version). Skype: d.programmer

  2. Merci
  3. Nice base, merci.
  4. nice, very bugs, but nice.
  5. Please send me MP, the part of the related code to: storeAllBuy (). That way I can help. []'s
  6. Look: int Apayer = _perso.storeAllBuy() / 1000; That you owns the source code, already verified the function works correctly (returning correct value)? This is the variable which is sent to the client. []'s
  7. Why not uses a monitor packets. Or just busque the bloc of memory that is stored the send / receipt of packets (winsock), and make a jump or call on a logging function (remember of returning not for crash into an infinite loop hooks). I used this to study the relation core <-> server. []'s
  8. Would help if you specify better what to happens. So maybe we could help you. []'s