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  1. (Sorry, we post at the same time). In this case you are tempted to access elements of a variable that is not an object. It may be, and I mean I'm just guessing since it might be anything wrong in the code, the function of the Controller being called, or even the View, are manipulating the return of a query in the database other than Collection trying to access its elements / attributes, or vice versa. Any mismanagement of variables or empty objects being used, can lead to this type of error.
  2. If it is not the configuration, then surely it may be the way you are try connecting in the database on your Controller. Take a look at your PostController in the index function (which is being called) and check if the query call in db is correct.
  3. This error usually happens when you do not have a configured database with the name used in your Controller. Go to the folder "config" and check the "database.php" file. There you should have settings that look like this: 'name_your_config_db' => [ 'driver' => 'mysql', 'database' => 'your_db', etc... ], Try to find some database configuration with the name found in the error. Example: "auth test" => [....] If it doesn't, you just modify the name of an existing one your not using or create a new.
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  5. I'm doing services (Dofus 1.29 and CMS in any version). Skype: d.programmer

  6. Please send me MP, the part of the related code to: storeAllBuy (). That way I can help. []'s
  7. Look: int Apayer = _perso.storeAllBuy() / 1000; That you owns the source code, already verified the function works correctly (returning correct value)? This is the variable which is sent to the client. []'s