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  1. Thanks for the answers, we will be improving our website hopefully.
  2. Hi i'm going to present you guys, a 1.29/2.0 Brazilian/Portuguese Server. Shop Map: Dungeons: Multi-Man: Album of mobs: Resources: Lotery System: Ogrines System: And Much much more of Elbustemu 5.3! -Spells 100% Debug -Almanax- daily missons -Raise your dragopavo. -Brakma vs Bonta Prism -Professions and MageCraft all work 100%. The main objetive of this server is to bring you the experience and enjoyment of the old dofus 1.29 with a bit of difficulty, but noting that you can't overcome with alot of motivation and hardwork. Most of all ogrines itens you will be able to get it through drops, although it will be much more difficult we really are balancing itens between free itens/vip itens. So no worries about that. If we see alot of foreign people coming to our server we might consider translating server to french/english/spanish. Here's the website: Special thanks to: Our own entire team of Dofus Lord. Elbusta el mejor . PS: Sorry if i spoke english my french really sucks. Hope you guys enjoyed my first topic. Cheers
  3. dofuzeiro123


    very fking good m8 loved it
  4. why did u bother sharing the emulater then i really need help thx
  5. pls bro i need your help fixing this , thanks alot add me skype if u can rafa.rafael8 ty
  6. do i also need to install the patches of the ancestra remake 54 its alot of sutff ?
  7. trés bone emulateur i think will test it later and answer back here
  8. thanks alot bro i weill test the emulater and search for erros for you to correct