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  1. is a emu that i started programming in 4.0 of busta years ago but now its totally a diffrent emu with fight codes (for example) created from 0, fm from 0, spells...etc
  2. Hi, i will make this post in English cause i´m not good speaking French. First, the emu includes the Anti-Wpe/Anti Bots that contains this post Fight system are done from 0 with 0 Thread.sleeps. Is a code that integrated the core+emu and have the fastest fight speed on a dofus server. Also map movment are 0ms always. If you have 1000ms of ping, you can move on a map with 0ms without problem, is a new code that i created. The client are in a Panoramic mode: You can have 2 Pets: Title change and color change: Tournament panel:
  3. Hi, i have a good emu for you, i recently implemented BattlePass, Tournament System, Panoramic Resolution, Fast Combats, Daily Quests, Double Pets, 0ms Movment, fast map change...etc.. if you want more info, contact me Exarton#9417
  4. The code also works agains bots
  5. Hi, im selling a working anti-wpe pro for Dofus v1 version !! My Discord: Exarton#9417 Price: 45€ There is a code on emu+core.
  6. <dataserver url="data/" type="local" priority="3"/> <dataserver url="" priority="2" /> <dataserver url="http://dofusretro.cdn.ankama.com/" priority="1"/>
  7. Hi, i only can write in english sorry, i will try to put in both languages with google translate. Salut, je ne peux écrire qu'en anglais désolé, je vais essayer de mettre dans les deux langues avec google translate. I want to say something about Bustemu, my friend just bought bustemu and see this commands Je veux dire quelque chose sur Bustemu, mon ami vient d'acheter Bustemu et voir ces commandes Then by myself i look the scripts.swf from some server that use Bustemu, like http://exiled.mservers.ovh/index.php Ensuite, par moi-même, je regarde le script.sw
  8. Article précédent* Salut, je veux vous montrer ces nouvelles mises à jour Gratouz Nouveau design Kolizeum avec des gammes en bronze, argent, or ... Système de tournoi Mimobiontes sans limites Une IA très avancée jamais vue auparavant dans un dofus privé. Les mobs utilisent des sorts tels que le saut, le transport, les glyphes ... et bien plus en https://gratouz.es
  9. Sorry, i can only write in english. I want to show you this server that has many things never seen before on a private dofus server 1: One of them are the daily goals You will have 20 goals daily that if you complete them you will get a mysterious legendary box 2: A short list with quick commands is available 3: Inventory cleaning and weapon damage change 4: Ornaments can be equipped and give stats 5: New Koli design with ranks, silver,gold,platinum... 6: The server have a REAL TIME!! MAP EDI
  10. Bonjour, je souhaite vous présenter mon projet de ce serveur Dofus. Le serveur a son propre lanceur: Le serveur utilise le client à 40 fps Il existe également un système d'objectifs quotidiens HOUSE DESIGN IN REAL TIME!!! Et beaucoup plus... https://gratouz.es
  11. Bonjour, je souhaite vous présenter mon projet de ce serveur Dofus. Le serveur a son propre lanceur: https://imgur.com/woXp72c Le serveur utilise le client à 40 fps https://imgur.com/9kQz3tP Il existe également un système d'objectifs quotidiens https://imgur.com/uOwLjK4 Et beaucoup plus... https://gratouz.es
  12. im developer for https://gratouz.es if you want a developer, here i am :3
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