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  1. i already have a project, called dofusonline, i can help you with a debug and stable emu + new features to core and mods
  2. Take a look to this emu,
  3. is not useless, people want something to not be bored in the game, and with this, is a good thing to win items and points in game
  4. Hi, i want to show you a simple community challenges system. Will be available on my server DofusOnline FaceBook page Here YouTube Video Here:
  5. Use the lang that i post dont use the official lang
  6. If someone is going to use this base for his emu of wlg2 please share your progress
  7. You can see logs here: Links: Libs: Lang: Config.txt + SRC: DB: Client + loader.swf fixed (desbug)
  8. you can´t use this on an editor, the name of images is no the same as linkage from .swf file...
  9. can you add me on skype? live:alexdahorea
  10. pff... gg riot.... so i need to put all wakfu objects in an editor and create new maps u.u