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Found 6 results

  1. <iframe width="697" height="392" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/cS2iC2MnuRQ" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> Refonte du launcher! Refonte du core plus coloré et attrayant ! En cours refonte du cms ! Traduction web et Game en cours ! Vous aurez accés à la langue francaise et espagnol! Serveurs en cours de dév! Nous contactez : https://discord.gg/PVBBJ4 Si tout se passe comme prévue le serveur ouvriras ses portes Lundi 25/05/20 ! Recrute
  2. I WILL TAKE CARE OF THE FINANCE OF THE PROJECT, I'm Open for suggestions about the project and Just DM ME your Skill and we ll find a place for you Let's Start a project together
  3. Hello very good after so much time working on a dofus project 2.47 today I put on sale the emulator and I could not open the server for certain family problems ... the emulator is based on opale 2.42 has 100% functional wrought iron 100% functional spell variant all trades 100% functional (panel of office this bug even so I could not take time to fix it) the modular Koliseo 1vs1 3vs3 without permission of the author add almost all the items of @Xentrix has all the items of version 2.50 all the functional dofus and others! the line of ogrines (points) was added to the emula
  4. Hello World Today I want to start a project that has been working for a long time ... during this time a beta version will be released to correct mistakes and see what style of game will be (ankalike, semi or fun). because the emulator where it worked was in the opale version in which @nexeptions shared a long time ago I'm thinking of making a server for all languages (FR, EN, PT and ES) maybe something very similar to the official dofus... I already have the most part finished, if the emulator is already 90% finished as well as the variants are already functional
  5. Bonjour a tous aillent besoin d'argent (sisi comme tout le monde ici xdxd) je re propose donc mes sérvices de mappeur. voici les tarifes: map dofus 1.29 = 0,50centimes/map map dofus 2.0 = 1euro/map (prévoir vos propre tiles resizes je fournis pas ! et vos propre gfx) map wlg = 1,50/map (dossier gfx normalement fournis voir avec zano) autres ? = a débattre. logicielle utiliser: astria map éditor VP les map sont fournies avec les sql / trigger (si besoin) / swf (normale si²) et géoposition (images) voici quelques map (j'ai plus rien donc j'ai trés peut de truc a vous montrer..
  6. Hi, i am an spanish flash designer, and i am working on the dofus 2.0 classes to 1.29 with all the animations etc etc Thats all i got at the moment Zobal Martelo Shield And 1 spell more, I need help to found the last spells on 1-combat.swf in that file only are 6 of 20 spells Ty always
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