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Found 4 results

  1. This is all my own work. Preview here. includes: All relative artworks female/male sprites creature mode dopeul on mount sprites masks sprites / masks on mount sprites spell icons (old zobal spells) Link: Mediafire Enjoy.
  2. Bonjour et merci de lire ma question, Voila quand j’installe le pack des personnages style 2.0 à mettre dans clips/sprites, tout mes personnages deviennent invisible, je ne sais plus quoi faire j'ai testé avec plusieurs clients, avec 3 émulateurs différents et impossible de pouvoir voir les personnages ! avez-vous des idées/pistes pour m'aider ? Merci
  3. Full share of Roublard: Contains: all artworks male and female sprites (can change colors) bombs sprites tymobot sprites spell icons mode creature on mount sprites. UPDATE! Visual update for female and Tymobot, some bugs solving on splasharts, deleted spell becouse too much bugs. link: mediafire
  4. Hi! im Yeiden, and today i'm here to share my work with all of you, hope you guys like it. This pack contains Male, Female, Criature mode, and Male Female on mount. Also contains All artwork related. download from Mediafire screens here Download V2 Here. V2 includes updated artworks and sprites V1 preview: V2 preview
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